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How to install Minecraft Server on Windows

Setting up a Minecraft Server on Windows
You must follow these steps to perform minecraft server setup.

Step 1: Install Java
You need a java to run the minecraft server, click here, download the java from the download option in Windows Offline (64 Bit). After the file has been downloaded, open the file and perform the installation.

Step 2: Download the Minecraft server files
For servers with a Windows operating system, we need to get the server .jar file first to start the Minecraft server setup.

You can access the server file type that you want by using the following links.

• Vanilla
• Craftbukkit
• Spigot

After downloading your files, create an empty folder on the desktop and transfer the server file to the folder.
Change the name of the server .jar file to tekveri.

Step 3: Set the server start code
java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar tekveri.jar -o true

We will prepare the codes required to start the server with the above code.
-Xms1024M specifies the minimum ram setting of the server. M for writing in MB and G for writing in GB.
-Xmx1024M specifies the maximum ram setting of the server. M for writing in MB and G for writing in GB.

Create a new text document in the server folder. In the text document that you created, type the code we provided above. Then come to the file tab and click on save as. Type start.bat to file name.

Step 4: Accept the EULA
We're opening our start file, we don't close the console until we see Stopping server in the console that comes after us. Eula.txt, server.properties, created such as files after we close our console.

Opening our Eula.txt file. Change the eula= false line to eula = true and save the file.

Step 5: Set up the server settings
After saving the Eula.txt file, we are launching our server from our start file.
Waiting until the "Done" message is written, and after this post comes to the console of our server, stop and close.

Opening the Server.properties file with the text editor.
max-players=20 this section sets how many people enter the server.
server-port=25565 is the server port, 25565 is the default.
server-ip= the server address is entered in this section, just type your server ip address in a numerical form.
online-mode=true if this section is true, you'll only allow premium accounts to log on to non-original ones when false
motd=A Minecraft Server this is the part that will appear under the name of your server in the server list.

After editing these parts, we save the file.

Step 6: Allow ports from Firewall
We need to allow our server port on the firewall.
We're opening the control panel.

Open the firewall and choose advanced settings from the left section.

Come to the rules from Advanced settings and from there click the new rule tab.

Mark the port option.

Select the TCP option and type your port in the port section (the default minecraft port is 25565)

We select the option Allow connection.

You can type in the Name field, for example minecraft-25565-tcp.
We will do the same thing again, but this time we will choose UDP instead of TCP.

You can start your server and enter the game.

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