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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our stakeholders, with necessary utilities of the continues growing web environment to meet their requirements and demands in order to reach their goals. We support your efforts on this success journey with our professional, bona fide approach. Our stakeholders trust and satisfaction is our main goal in every case. Therefore, we are working in a proactive approach to identify and prevent possible problem areas. We trust on our faith, willing and openness for new and innovative ideas and we aim to share our knowledge with our business partners in order to meet their needs.

Our Vision

Tekveri who is providing its stakeholders with low cost, high quality state of the art IT solutions aims to be a company which is quickly adapting new technological developments in the IT industry, steering technological change, giving high priority to our customers and employees satisfaction and to be the first chosen company in its sector”.

Who are we? and What we do?
We as Tekveri via our office in Ankara publish your web sites, products and service offers around the world.

Our Values
Thousands of web site owners who use our servers are experiencing high speed reliable and comfortable internet publishing with our state of the art configured equipment.

Tekveri is adopting its quality approach to its servers, hardware, software as well as to the communication and support of its stakeholders.

Tekveri is using on its servers high-end technologies to ensure and guarantee your sites performance.

Principles and Values
Tekveri intermediates in saving and protecting its customer’s data from third parties and all kind of unwanted interferences. Additionally Tekveri serves with its efforts to the development of the internet within the framework of ethics and law to ensure a safe and peaceful cyber world.

With its software and hardware security measures, as well as specific techniques Tekveri does not allow any security gaps in its web sites and servers. Your web site and organizational data is in safe hands.

Tekveri guarantees a %99,9 uptime rate for its hosted web sites and servers. Every customer who receives service from Tekveri is covered by this guarantee. Our servers are publishing over the Spdnet Telekom Data Center Network.